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"One of my favorite games this year" - IGN
5.0/5 Votes: 1
Cygames Inc.
20 May 2022
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
93.4 M

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Shadowverse is the best collectable card game available on the Android platform. If you love card games like Hearthstone and Pokémon, then Shadowverse is perfect for you. The game has a rich storyline that will keep you engaged as you progress through the game’s many levels and areas. This is not a game that requires hours of dedicated time to enjoy it. You can play anywhere, anytime! Once you’ve downloaded Shadowverse for free, you can play it on your Android device. Now let us talk about this game in detail.

Shadowverse Game for Android

Shadowverse is a card game with a strategic twist. It’s simple enough to learn and play in minutes, but the rich story and tactical gameplay will keep you coming back again and again. Choose a class and become a hero by equipping a special set of cards including followers, spells and amulets. Use over 1000 cards to build the most powerful deck you can imagine.

  • Followers– Your followers do most of the fighting in battle, directly attacking enemy leaders and followers. Some followers have other abilities besides fighting, such as healing wounds.
    • Cost- The number of play points required to play this card is shown on the upper left.
    • Attack- Displays how much damage this follower will cause when it attacks an enemy. This number is shown at the bottom left of the screen.
    • Defense – It indicates how much damage a follower can take. When a follower’s defense reaches zero, it is destroyed. This value is shown in the lower right corner of your screen.
    • Ability- These icons show what type of special ability the follower has. Tap the effect text for more detailed explanations.
  • Spells-Spell cards activate only once. Unlike followers and amulets, spells do not occupy a slot in your area. They disappear immediately after they’re used.
  • Amulets– Amulet cards can give you an advantage in battle. However, they can’t attack or be attacked.


Shadowverse is a two-player card game where each player takes turns playing cards from their deck. Each player starts with a Leader, who has 20 defense and three cards in their starting hand. In a two-player game, the player going first has two evolution points and the player going second has three evolution points. The player going first can evolve one turn earlier than the player going second and draws an extra card at his first turn. Players seek to reduce each other’s defenses to zero, or to win via certain cards. Players use the Play Point resource to play cards and generate resources. Each player begins the game with zero play point orbs, and gains one play point orb at the beginning of their respective turns.

Shadowverse Game- Features

  • Choose Your Own Path – Shadowverse offers several options for deckbuilding to help you create your own playstyle. Whether you want to go aggressive or control the board, Shadowverse has a strategy for everyone.
  • Anime-Style Card Artwork – Shadowverse’s art style brings the world of anime right onto the battlefield! Every card features beautiful artwork to help bring each character’s personality to life as they battle against one another.
  • Weekly Events – Play through weekly events and compete against other players worldwide! Each week brings new challenges and rewards so make sure you log in every week for the latest updates!
  • Free-to-play CCG game
  • Choose your hero among 8 distinct classes
  • Challenge players across the globe in player online battles
  • Assemble your deck and face off against players online, whether they’re next door or on the other side of the world.
  • Master various strategies by playing through quests that introduce you to Shadowverse’s lore and card game mechanics.
  • Deep strategy that evolves each match
  • Story-based Gameplay


Shadowverse is from the creators of Rage of Bahamut, so it should be no surprise that it’s a fantastic game. While there is a learning curve, the gorgeous anime graphics, epic music and sound effects, and strategic gameplay give Shadowverse a near-endless amount of replay value. The free-to-play format includes multiple ways to earn new cards and decks to train with. New players will need to be patient at first, but the game’s beauty, variety, and depth make it well worth the wait.


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