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Teen Patti Gold for Android and Rummy is not just a source of entertainment, but also a ticket to good fortune Android Game. Download the app from the given download link and play card game online on your mobile device in your leisure time .
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20 May 2022
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
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Teen Patti Gold is a free to play (with in-app purchases) multiplayer card game that you can enjoy with your friends. It’s the most popular poker game in India. The game has been featured in the top 10 games list on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. It has over 5 million users from all over the world from where you can make new friends. The game also hosts regular tournaments where you can win big prizes. You can start playing for free and get instant access to a table.

Teen Patti Gold for Android

Teen Patti Gold is a three card game also known as Indian Poker, and it’s played with a standard 52-card deck. The game begins with each player placing an ante into the pot, and receiving three cards. After the cards have been dealt the players then decide whether to play or fold their hands. If they decide to play, their next move is to decide how much to bet. This can be done in one of two ways; either by placing a number of chips equal to the amount of the previous bet into the pot or by placing all your chips into the pot.

If you make a bet or raise, the betting continues clockwise around the table in increments of the amount you bet. Once all bets are placed, all remaining players must reveal their hands and the player with the best hand wins all the chips in the pot.

Some of the most fun you can have playing Teen Patti are when you play with wildcards. In this variation there are a number of ways you can use wildcards to improve your hand.

Features of Teen Patti Gold Poker & Rummy

  • Exclusive VIP Tables: Play with friends and family in the most exclusive VIP tables in Teen Patti Gold. Exclusive means no strangers in the table, only your Facebook friends and family.
  • World Leaderboards: Participate in weekly leaderboards to win big prizes every week.
  • Play With Friends- You can play with your Facebook friends (and even invite people who don’t have Teen Patti Gold)
  • Private Table– You can play with your Facebook friends (and even invite people who don’t have Teen Patti Gold)
  • Unlimited Free Chips: Get free chips multiple times a day.
  • Variations: 3 Patti Gold comes with 6 awesome game variations – Classic 3 Patti, Hukam, Muflis, Joker, Lowest Joker and AK47.
  • Single Hand & Multi-hand Gameplay: Enjoy the game as you like – single hand or multi-hand gameplay.
  • Betting: Bet according to your wish. You can now place bets as small as 1 chip and as large as you want!
  • Chat: Chat with other players at the table in real time to have unlimited fun!
  • Customize your Avatar: Customize your avatar as you like. Change your clothes, shoes, hats, glasses and more!
  • Unlimited Matches– There are no limits on how many matches you want to play. Play as many matches as you want, how you want and where you want!
  • Win Big & Earn Rewards– Win big by playing challenges and get more chips by playing rummy games. Use your winnings as chips to bet & win even more with every hand!

How To Use and Play Teen Patti Gold Game

  • Step 1- Login with your Facebook account or Google+ account for playing with your friends. Or play without logging in as a Guest. If you want to play as a new user then you can do so by creating a new account from within the game using the registration option. You can also link your Facebook account later on to get more free chips.
  • Step 2- Choose among 3 game options that suits your mood and skill level – Classic Teen Patti with 52 cards deck (2 to 5 players), Hukum where 2 packs are used (2 to 8 players) and Muflis where Jokers are included (2 to 4 players). 

Types of Games Available in Teen Patti Gold APK-

There are 6 types of games in Teen Patti Gold:

  • No Joker (Classic) – Play without Joker/Wildcard.
  • Joker – Play with Joker/Wildcard (2’s or Jokers).
  • AK47 – Bet on AK47 hand and win big! If you get AK47 hand, you will get paid as per payouts mentioned below in this page, else you lose your bet amount.
  • Muflis – Bet on Muflis hand and win big! If you get Muflis hand, you will get paid as per payouts mentioned below in this page, else you lose your bet amount.
  • Lowest Joker – Play with Joker/Wildcard but can’t use it if your hand is higher/better than lowest

Tips & Tricks for Teen Patti Gold:

  • When you are about to play, you must check the performance of your device. If your device performance is good then you can enjoy the game with full graphics and animation effects otherwise it will take more time to load the game and the graphics will be not as good as in high end devices.
  • You must have stable internet connection because a slow or poor internet connection will make your game laggy and it will be difficult for you to play the game smoothly.
  • Follow all these tips very carefully so that you can enjoy your every moment while playing this interesting game.


Overall, Teen Patti Gold is a good game for both new and skilled players. It’s playable from virtually anywhere, so you can take the game with you on your Android device, your laptop or desktop computer, or even play the game directly from your browser. Teen Patti Gold offers a wide variety of table games that are fun to play and easy to learn. There’s no download required, so you can start playing right away without having to wait for data to load.

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