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Do you believe in magic? If not, this app is for you. This app tricks your friends into thinking that you can hack Wi-Fi network passwords. And to make your own trick, try this app out on your Android. It'll be fun! Download the latest updated The WiFi Hacker APK from the given link.
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G Soft Team
23 April 2022
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)+
12.6 MB

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This app is just a prank – it will not really hack any Wi-Fi network.

Have you ever been out to lunch with a friend and they’ve said, “Hey can you look up the Wi-Fi password for this restaurant so we can get free Internet?” I know! That happens all the time — right? I don’t know anybody who gets free Wi-Fi by doing this. But if you want to trick your friends into believing that you can hack into any network, then the WiFi Hacker app for Android is perfect for you.

The WiFi Hacker for Android

The WiFi Hacker app for Android phones tricks your friends into thinking you can unlock any Wi-Fi network. Although, its creators admit this is merely to fool people.

The app does not actually hack, decipher or crack WiFi networks. Instead, it uses the password for a WiFi network, which is stored in your phone’s database if you have ever connected to that network before. It then shows you that WiFi network on your list and you can connect to it with the password from the database.

A disclaimer on the app website reads: “WiFi password hacker simulates the process of hacking any wireless connection using an Android phone. All other wifi hacker apps in google play are fake.”

This means that when someone asks you to hack a WiFi network, you can use this app to show them how it is done. However, be careful, because WiFi networks are protected by law and you might get into trouble for showing off something like this.

The WiFi Hacker- Main Features

  • The size of the application is small.
  • This application is free to download.
  • The app is completely safe to use.
  • This is a virus free app and you will not be required to install any other software on your device.
  • You can easily use this app on rooted as well as non rooted android device.
  • The application will not require hacking knowledge.
  • The application works without an internet connection.

How to Use The WiFi Hacker APK

The app is harmless, but it’s used to trick people into thinking their device can hack into any WiFi network.

WiFi Hacker works in the same way as other WiFi hacker apps for Android. Once installed, simply open the app and tap on “SCAN” to begin scanning for nearby networks.

When a network is found, you can view its details by tapping on it. Now, simply tap on “Connect” and your device will try to connect to the network. If successful, you’ll be able to access the internet through that WiFi connection.

Of course, this is all fake. The app doesn’t actually do anything besides present an interface that looks like an actual Wi-Fi cracker tool.


The WiFi Hacker is a fun (and free) app for Android that lets you pretend to break into your friends’ Wi-Fi networks, tricking them into believing you have a program that can crack almost any network. The developers say that it simply tricks users—but the fact that it works is still impressive.

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