Vivo Browser APK- Download| Latest Update 2022

Vivo Browser for Android is a fast and secure browser for your Android device. It has many useful features, including ad-blocking and gesture support. The app also comes with a variety of customization tools and options to help you get the most out of your browsing experience. So if you want to download the latest updated Vivo Browser APK for your Android smartphone right now, then click on the given download link.
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PT. Vivo Mobile Indonesia
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Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) and up

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Disclaimer-Sadly, only Vivo phones currently support all the features of this app. But don’t worry, some of these cool features will be available for other brands in the future.

Vivo is a Chinese smartphone company founded in 2009, and headquartered in Beijing. It is the sixth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by market share. The company sells smartphones with mid-range to high-end specifications at affordable prices.

Vivo’s slogan is “Beautifully Smart” and their mission is to “make life more colorful”. This app is the official browser of Vivo, the fastest growing mobile brand in China. With this browser, you can stay up to date with the latest news, and download movies and music, and It also allows you to check cricket scores instantly. Try it out!

Vivo Browser for Android

VIVO has launched a new app called VIVO Browser, which will help you to stay updated with all the latest happenings around you. This app also allows you to download movies and music instantly without any hassle. This browser is powered by Vivo, and it is one of the biggest search engines in China and worldwide. Vivo Browser is well known for providing high-quality web content to its users.

VIVO Browser is well known for providing high-quality web content to its users. The best part about this browser is that it supports multiple languages. Moreover, it also supports European Languages such as French, German and Italian etc.

If we talk about its features then it comes with a new design which makes it more user-friendly than ever before. The new user interface of this browser makes it easier for the users to find their desired content within seconds. You can search for anything from this app; whether it’s music or movie or any other type of content related to entertainment, you will find everything in this app! You can easily navigate through different websites. It also offers plenty of privacy features such as blocking cookies and ads etc.

The best thing about this app is that it allows you to download videos and music instantly without using any internet connection at all! All you have to do is just tap on the video or song that you want to play on your device

Vivo Browser APK- Main Features

  • High-speed browsing – With VIVO Browser, you can browse faster than ever before! The app has been optimized for speed so that you can access your favorite websites quickly without any lag or delay in loading time.
  • Ad Blocker – The app also comes with an ad blocker feature that allows users to block any ad from appearing on their mobile screen while browsing through different websites using this app. It’s like getting rid of all those annoying ads while surfing online!
  • Downloading Music – Another great feature of this app is that it allows users to download music instantly without having to download anything else separately or even pay for the music they want to
  • Latest News – If you like reading news updates, then this feature will come in handy for you as well. The browser comes with an integrated news reader that lets you read all the latest news updates directly from various sites like CNN, Huffington Post, Fox News etc., right on your mobile screen without having to visit each site individually every time there is a new article posted on them again and again!
  • Home screen shortcuts – The app also offers home screen shortcuts which allow users to access their favorite websites with just one click of a button.
  • Trending Videos– With this feature, VIVO Browsers allows users to enjoy their favorite videos from around the world without having to leave the app. It includes trending videos on its homepage.
  • Quick Notification for Cricket Score– With this feature, you don’t have to open up a separate app or website to check the latest cricket score, simply keep a tab on it using this feature!
  • Privacy Protection – Protect your privacy by blocking ads and trackers, even when you are not using the browser!
  • Content Blocker – Block any content or website you do not want to see on your phone while browsing the internet with this feature.
  • Incognito/Private mode– It allows you to browse privately without saving your history or cookies on your device.
  • Night mode– A dark theme for night reading that saves battery power and keeps your eyes from getting tired when reading at night

FAQs About Vivo Browser

Is Vivo Browser Safe?

The short answer to this question is: yes! There are no reasons to believe that this browser is unsafe or malicious.

Does Samsung Support Vivo Browser

No, Samsung phones do not support all the features of this app, but some features are available

Which browser is best for Vivo Phone?

Vivo Browser is the only browser which works perfectly with Vivo Phones

How do I stop Vivo browser from opening automatically?

To turn off an app, go to Settings>More settings>Permission management(Applications)>Autostart.
To enable or disable Autostart for Funtouch OS 2.6 and earlier versions, go to i Manager>App manager>Autostart manager.

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