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WhatsRemoved+ app is a tool that will help in knowing any changes in notifications and will even save those changes for you. It’s like if anyone sends you a message and delete that message be it text, image or any file, with this app you have superpowers to still read those deleted messages. You can choose as many apps as you want and each app has its own separate tab in the WhatsRemoved+ app. The app is only available for android not for iOS.
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07 November 2021
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread, API 9)
10.8 MB

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WhatsRemoved+ for Android

It is rightly said that “Necessity is the mother of invention” ever since the use of phones, the internet and social networking has increased rapidly in most countries around the world, it has given rise to the need for secure and efficient platforms to ensure safe communication. Not every time we are alert whenever we receive a notification or message. If you want to stay alert or know what others have a message you even after they delete that message. Then WhatsRemoved+ app is a perfect tool for you.

How to use WhatsRemoved+ App to read all the notifications and even deleted messages.

  1. Quickly download and then easily install the WhatsRemoved+ app from the given link. For your ease, here we are providing you with super easy guide to download and install the WhatsRemoved+ app. 

How to Install WhatsRemoved+ App

Let’s take a look at how you can install WhatsRemoved+ for Android –

  • Download the WhatsRemoved+ from the link given here.
  • Turn on the “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” options.
  • Install the downloaded file easily.
  • Open the installed app to start reading the deleted messages.

That’s all! This is how effortlessly and comfortably you can install the WhatsRemoved+ app.

  • Open the WhatsRemoved+ app after finish installing.
  • Complete the settings by giving access to permissions that the WhatsRemoved+ app is asking for.
  • After you have given access to permission that app asks, then a list of apps will appear to select the apps from the list.
  • From the list you can select the app or apps for which you want to determine changes and save the notifications.
  • Now, a screen will pop-up in which you have to click on Yes, Save Files.
  • Then, tap on “Allow”.
  • You have completed all the settings, now the app is ready to use.

From now on, every notification that you will receive on selected apps, even the deleted messages will appear on the WhatsRemoved+ app. All you need to do is to open the WhatsRemoved+ app and from the top bar select any app those notifications you want to read.

Functions of WhatsRemoved+ Application.

Here are certain functions of the WhatsRemoved+ app –

  • The app is really very easy to configure. You will not face much difficulty.  
  • This is probably one of the best functions which identifies changes in the notifications and inform you for this.
  • Each app has a separate tab with notification history so users don’t mess with different notifications from separate app.
  • With this WhatsRemoved+ app, you also have access to the system of search by multiple groups of notifications.
  • The app also has a window for you to read all deleted messages. This feature is among the most loved one.
  • You also have an option to save the history of notifications that you choose.
  • You can also scan folders to look for deleted files.
  • Now dark theme is also available.
  • Settings are simple.
  • Enhanced background performance with better controls.
  • Simpler interface. 

WhatsRemoved+ is the best third-party app to detect every notification even if the sender deletes it. Many users have already downloaded this interesting tool. So why don’t you? Download the WhatsRemoved+ app and configure the app to never lose any notification or a deleted message. Start your WhatsRemoved+ app journey right now.

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