PUBG Season 14 New Update (2020) |Watch Trailer, New Skins, Release Date & Vehicles - Q Bulletin

PUBG Season 14 New Update (2020) |Watch Trailer, New Skins, Release Date & Vehicles

PUBG Season 14 Update | Release Date

Finally, the first leak of PUBG Season 14 Update is out by some of the official sources. This is one the most awaited Season. As we all know that PUBG is that one game that everyone is well aware of and most of you must have played it. It has gained a huge fan following across the world and everybody has gone crazy over it.

Pubg Season 14 New Map

All the players always get highly excited when it comes to some new updates in the game and when it comes to a new season then that excitement cannot be compared with anything else. Now it is that time of year when new season 14 is around the corner and will be revealed very soon. Yes, that’s right! The season 14 of PUBG is all set to be launched anytime soon. It has been expected that this new season will be launched very soon in the first month of July only.

Pubg Season 14 – New Vehicles

As we all know, the new season comes with a lot of updates and the developers never fails to surprise all the PUBG players. Here in this season also there will be a lot of new things that you guys will get to explore. Just like all the new seasons, with this one also you will see a change in the theme of the game.

Pubg Season 14- New Skins

PUBG Season 14 (2020) July Update- Main Features | New Skins | New Vehicles | New Maps

Here are some features and new things that you are going to encounter in this season 14 of PUBG –

  • New name – This season 14 will be called with a new name that is Spark the Flame and with this name only you can imagine what kind of game it is going to be.
  • Interesting theme – Here you will see a complete unique theme where the players will be roaming around the desert and interestingly you will also see some mountains filled with snow and a lot more than this.
  • New skins – In this new season, a lot of new skins will be introduced like a new helmet skin or M416 Skin and a lot more. This simply going to add more customization options to the game.
  • Exciting rewards – In previous seasons also the players were getting some really exciting rewards but in this season, there will be an addition in the rewards as well. So all of you just get ready to get those amazing rewards.
  • New map – The developers have also developed a new map called Livik which is 2X2 map. It has been revealed that this map is going to be a crossover of all the previous maps which are there.
Pubg Season 14- Skin

However, the complete details have not been revealed yet and the developers have left everybody in a suspense. But people are expecting that this update is going to be the best one till date as compared to the previous one. Stay updated with us for more information regarding this and wait for the release of PUBG season 14 which is expected to be released in a next few days.

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