KineMaster APK- Download | Latest Update 2021 (What’s New)


KineMaster for Android

These days videos are having quite a great influence on our lives as there are videos on almost everything. People are making videos for spreading knowledge and awareness, for infotainment purposes or just for fun. There are lot of platforms as well that are meant for sharing videos only. Now behind every good videos goes tonnes of editing and many people spend most of their time on editing only. Here we have one really amazing app that is meant to make the video editing process quite simple and fun for you and the app is KineMaster. This amazing app is offered by KineMaster Corporation and is available for all the android as well as iOS devices.

Now you must be wondering what KineMaster actually is! Well it is a super fun video editing app which helps you guys to quickly edit videos through its powerful tools. It offers a really wide variety of tools through which you can edit your videos just like professionals in no time. There are a lot of effects and filters that the users can add to their videos in order to make them look more attractive. Along with this, there are hundreds of stickers for different moods that can be used in any video. By adding stickers and text to your videos, you can make it look even more attractive and expressive.

Download KineMaster APK | Latest Update 2021

Application NameKineMaster
CategoryVideo Editing
Latest Version
File NameKineMaster.apk
Total Size94.9 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On27-May-2021

KineMaster 2021 APK- Main Features

Now comes the features! You are simply going to get impressed with the range of features that this app offers you. Some of them are –

  • Amazing Editing Tools – KineMaster offers really amazing editing tools to the users through which one can make their video look as if it has been edited by any professional editor.
  • Import/Export Files – The users here can easily import or export files to whosoever they want. This is one of the latest feature that has been added to this app.
  • Interesting Stickers – This app provides you hundreds of stickers which you can use in any of your videos. These stickers are simply meant to make your videos look highly attractive and expressive at the same time.
  • Add Music – This is one of the best feature of the app as by adding music, you simply add life to your videos. Here you will be able to add music, sound effects, voiceovers or few other things to your videos.
  • Special Effects – Special Effects are meant to make any video attractive. You can add as many special effects to your videos as you want and these will make your videos look completely interesting.
  • Different Presets – A lot of presets are also available in this app which you can add to any of your videos. These presets are meant to instantly change the mood of your video in a way that you want. These will make your videos to stand out among others.
  • Amazing Video Quality – Here you will be able to download your videos in 4K quality so that you do not make any compromise with the original quality of the video.
  • Easy User Interface – One of the best thing about this app is that it comes with a special user friendly interface which makes it quite easy for everyone out there to use the app without facing any kind of difficulty.

There are many other things as well that you will get here. It is that one app where you can come for all your video editing requirements. So download the app now and start editing your videos using it!

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