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Android 11 Developer Beta, Features & Final Release

When it comes to the smartphone operating system, Android is the one that billions of people rely upon. It is the most popular one across the world. The ones who are already using Android OS, must be very well aware that it comes up with an amazing update every year. This time it is Android 12 however, much details have not been released yet by Google but it is estimated that a public beta might be released anytime soon.

Most of the people must not be aware of this upcoming update so, here we are introducing you to Android 12. It is revealed that Google might be releasing the first developer beta of Android 12 anytime soon which is making every android users excited. You must be expecting a lot of new things added to this nee update. Here is everything you need to know about the latest update –

Developer Beta and Final Release:

As mentioned above, Google has not revealed any specific details about Android 12 yet so it is still not clear when the update will come. However, from the past few years, it has been seen that Google releases the new update somewhere around September. So, this year also the final release might be somewhere around September only.

Now comes the first developer beta! Now it is assumed that the developers beta might be released anytime soon. Usually Google releases the developers beta a few months before the final release and this time final release might come somewhere around August – September. Some rumours have stated that the developer beta will be released in the next few days but nothing is confirmed yet.

The idea of releasing the developer beta before the final release is to make sure that there is not any problem in the update. If there is any then the team of developers work on it for better performance. After ensuring the overall performance of the update, the developers release the final update for the users.

Android 11- Main Features

Google has not revealed even a bit of the detail about this new update but there are several sources that indicate the addition of some new features to the operating system. Here are those features –

  • Double Tap Gesture– Double Gesture is not something new in the Android operating system as this has been there before as well. Android 11 was also having this feature of double-tap gesture. However, there are rumours that in Android 12, this double-tap gesture is going to change a lot. This must be available for a lot of other actions and apps as well. Like it might open the recent apps or take a screenshot or anything else. This will be revealed only after the release of the developer beta.
  • App Pairs– The main function of app pairs is to help the users to launch two different apps as the same time. Although this feature is not something nee for android devices as it was there before as well. But it is believed that there will be a lot of changes to this feature in Android 12. This time, it might be having the official seamless integration which will help the users to launch two apps at the same time without facing any kind of difficulty.
  • Widget Changes– Here the users are going to experience a lot of changes in the widgets. It has been assumed that Google might be planning to introduce a lot of changes in the widgets which is going to give a completely different experience to the users. Back when Apple has introduced widgets, there were claims that these widgets are far better than the android one. Now this time, it is assumed that Google must be working on these as well.
  • Privacy Changes– For all the smartphone users out there, privacy is one of the most important features of their device as they simply do not want to compromise with that. It is believed that in Android 12, Google might have added the feature of privacy indicators. These indicators will help the users know about the apps that are using their camera or microphone. Google has been working on these indicators for the past few years and it is highly expected that this feature will be introduced in Android 12.

There might be some changes in the privacy settings as well. With these new settings, the users are going to have a better control over the privacy of their device which is going to give them a better experience of using a smartphone. There are several claims that users might be able to disable all the sensors of the phone at the same time with these new settings.

  • Scrolling Screenshots – Ever since screenshots are introduced, they have become our saviour and we are taking screenshots every time. Now with Android 12 update, Google will be introducing scrolling screenshots which are going to help the users to take the screenshot of a lengthy page in one go. You do not have to take different screenshots for the whole page. Google has planned to introduce this feature on Android 11 but was unable to make it that time. This time, it is going to be there to make our lives a lot easier.
  • Expanded Theming System– Google has introduced an expanded theming system which is going to help the users to change themes of the phone easily. It has been revealed that the users will be able to change the primary colour and accent colour of their device and along with this, these colour changes will be directly applied to any third-party application that you want. However, this theming option will be different in each model but the experience is going to be the same.
  • Restricted Networking Mode– There are several claims that Google must be adding the restricted networking mode to the Android 12 update. This new feature will help the users to use the network for only limited applications. In this mode, only the apps that are having the permission of connectivity use restricted network. This is going to help the users to control their data usage.
  • Hibernation Feature – Several rumours have suggested that Google must be adding a hibernation feature to Android 12 update. This feature will automatically hibernate the apps that have not been used for a long time. This will help the users to optimise the storage of their devices.

The list of features that must be added to the Android 12 update is endless because this update comes once in every year. This is the reason why Google tries to give all the latest features in every update to give the best experience to the users. The users are waiting eagerly for the new update and before the final release, it will release the developer beta. The developer beta is set to be introduced anytime soon in this month only. The main reason behind launching the developer beta is to give a proper insight about the final release and along with this, their main purpose is to ensure the performance of the update whether there is any problem or not. Wait for the release of the new updates from Google and stay connected with us.

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