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How To Fax Documents from Android & iOS Phones

Fax Documents from Phone

Even though technology has gone too far, fax is that one thing that does not seem to be irreplaceable is fax. Top multinational companies, institutions and a lot of other firms uses fax but what the problem is that it gets inconvenient for some people who do not have the fax machine. Here in this article we are going to tell you how you can fax documents from your smartphones be it android or iOS. These are the kind of apps that are going to make things a lot more easier for all those people who have to send or receive fax regularly from time to time.

Most of the time it happens that many firms do not accept documents through emails and want people to send documents via fax. This is the reason why many of the app developers have developed the kind of applications that help the users to fax documents easily without facing any kind of difficulty.

Here is a list of few apps that will help you to fax documents from smartphones, both Android and iOS –

How To Fax Documents from Android?

Method 1- CocoFax App

All the android users out there, CocoFax is the app that will help the users to easily send documents via fax. The developers of this app has claimed that the service that they provide is better than the high-end fax machines. The app comes with an offer of 30-day trial period which gives the users an opportunity to experience the kind of service an app is offering before spending their money on it. If you are satisfied with the app, you can get the subscription to send or receive an unlimited number of fax easily on your android devices. Here are some of the main feature of this app –

  • You can easily send and receive faxes through Online Dashboard and email as well.
  • The users will receive the delivery reports and fax notifications in the email inbox of the app.
  • It also provides the users to easily choose their own fax numbers easily.

Method 2- FaxFile App

Another amazing application that helps the users to easily send fax from their android phones is FaxFile. This is the software that supports both PDF and JPG files and it becomes a lot more convenient for users to send their documents via fax. Here are some of the features of this app –

  • One can easily send any PDF, Doc or Docx file easily through this app. Now you fo not have to search for different apps for different formats. You can send all these documents from this one app only.
  • Here the users will have to buy fax credits as there is not monthly subscription. However, the users are required to buy fax credits in order to send fax.
  • It is one of the best option for all those who want to send the fax quickly. This app has a great speed as compared to many others of this type.

Method 3- My Fax App

MyFax is the app that makes it super easy for you to send and receive fax from your smartphones or tablets. As per the developers, it is one of the best app to send documents via fax from a smartphone or tablet as it is much convenient. Here are some of the features of MyFax –

  • The app offers a 30-day free trial to the users so that they can get complete satisfaction of using this app before spending their money.
  • Users will be able to easily scan their documents with their device’s camera and can also receive fax directly on their phones.
  • Here the users can also download files or transfer them directly to their cloud storage.

How To Fax Documents from iOS Phones

Method 1- Fax.Plus

Fax.Plus is the app that helps people to easily send faxes from an iPhone or iPad. This is going to convert your device into an amazing fax machine. It is one of the most reliable app for all those who do not want to waste their time. Here are some of its features –

  • Users can easily send and receive faxes on their devices from and to anywhere across the world.
  • You can scan your documents easily with the camera of your device and can also upload documents to send as a fax.
  • It will also provide notifications to the users for all the faxes that they have sent or received on their email address. You will also have option to forward, reply or resend a fax to any fax machine.

Method 2- eFax

eFax is an app that has been specially developed for the iOS users to make it a lot more easier for them to send and receive fax through their mobile device. You will have all the features of a fax machine, right there on your mobile device which is going to make things a lot more convenient for you.

  • You can choose any local or toll-free number to send faxes using this app.
  • The users here will be able to send faxes to around 200+ countries across the world. You will also be able to print faxes through Air Print.
  • There are really amazing viewing options which will help the users to easily read and receive faxes and you can also save these documents in the cloud. It is also mentioned that the users can upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage.

Method 3- Fax Free

All those people out there who uses iPhone or iPad must use Fax Free for sending their documents easily as a fax. The app comes with an in-built scanner which will help the users to easily scan their documents and send them as a scan. You can send documents of any kind as a fax through this app. Here are some of the features of this amazing app-

  • This app is going to make your phone a completely advanced fax machine which is far better than those high-end fax machines.
  • There is an integrated scanner app that comes with this application. This will help the users to easily scan all documents they want and then send them as a fax to anyone.
  • It provides support to more than 90 countries so now the users will be send their documents as fax to many different countries across the world. Now there is no need for those typical fax machines or a dedicated phone line to send fax. 

All these applications are completely easy to use and has been developed in such a way that the users can easily use it without facing any kind of difficulty. Now is the time to say no to all those complicated fax machines that are used to send faxes easily. These apps are highly convenient as the users are carrying their fax machines with them, wherever they go.

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