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What Does “Run as Administrator” Mean in Windows 10?

All the Windows 10 users out there must be very well aware of a phrase called “run as administrator” that keep popping up a lot of times. Now one thing that comes in our mind is that what is this run as administrator feature and how one can use this. Here in this article we are introducing you guys to this amazing feature and along with this we are also introducing you the steps through which you can easily use this feature.

In Windows 10, users get two different accounts in which one is Standard users account and another one is an Administrator user account. Administrator account provides the users with a lot more features which are not there in the normal. You will have access to all the features which are normally restricted in Windows. However, there is one thing that the users need to keep in mind while using an administrator account that the applications will be having complete access to your system.

We need to run our app as an administrator when these apps are not performing like the way we want them to be. Running the app as administrator clears all the problems and makes things a lot easier for the users. Here are all the steps through which you can easily run apps and different functions as an administrator –

Steps to Run Apps and Different Functions as An Administrator –

  • Here your first step will be to open the start menu of your Windows PC to find out the apps.
  • After opening the start menu, you have to locate the app on the list that you wish to open as an administrator.
  • After finding out the app, you will have to right-click on the app’s icon to go further. After right-click, a drop-down menu will open where you will find the “more” option.
  • By clicking on the more option, another menu will pop up and there you will see, “run as administrator” option. You have to select that option and that is it. Now your selected app will run as administrator.

Steps to run this app as an administrator by Default

Now for those who wish to run this app as an administrator, by default, they can try out following steps –

  • First of all right click on shortcut and then select “properties”.
  • After doing so, a complete properties window will appear on your screen and here you will have to click on the “compatibility tab”.
  • In the compatibility tab, you will see an option of “run this program as an administrator” and you have to select this option and then save. Now whenever you open the app from this shortcut, it will open as administrator only.

These are the two methods that Windows users can easily try out. This is going to open a room for innovation and a lot of new things for you guys.

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