Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed Error in Chrome [Solved] | Steps to Fix


These days you must have seen that Google Chrome is the one browser that most of us are using no matter what the device is. Sometimes you must have seen that out of nowhere, Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed error comes up due to which Chrome stops. Well, there is nothing to worry about as here we are going to tell you solutions to fix this problem –

Fixing Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed Error in Chrome by Resetting the Network Settings

When the Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed error comes up, you guys need to reset the network settings of your device as this might help you to resolve this error. Here is how to do this –

  1. Here your first step is to open the Command Prompt in the Administrator mode of your device.
  2. Now in the Command Prompt, you will have to type :
    • Ipconfig /flushdns
    • Nbtstat -r
    • netsh int ip reset
    • netsh winsock reset
  3. You need to make sure that you press enter after entering each of these commands.
  4. Now the command will run and after its finished, you just have to restart your PC and now you shall not face any such error.

Remove Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed Error in Chrome by Disabling Proxy Settings

One of the most common way to solve this problem is to disable the proxy settings if your PC uses them. Follow these simple steps to do that –

  1. First of all you need to open RUN and to do that, press Windows Key + R Together.
  2. Now here you will have to type, inetcpl.cpl in the open box and then click OK.
  3. It will now open up Internet Properties box and there you will have to tap on the “Connections” bar. Here in the bottom right of the screen, you will see LAN Settings box, click on that.
  4. Now it will take you to another window where you will see the option of “Proxy Server”, here you shall uncheck the box in front of it and along with this, you also need to select “automatically detect settings” and then click on “OK”.
  5. The last step is to restart your PC and you are all set. This is the super quick and the most common way to solve this error.

Remove Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed Error by Changing DNS

Another methods to fix this error is by changing the DNS address. Here the few simple steps to do this –

  1. Here on the bottom right of the screen, you need to look for “Network Icon” and click on that. This will show you few options that you can choose to change the network settings. You need to click on “Open Network and Sharing Centre”.
  2. Now in the Network and Sharing Centre window, you will see a lot of different sections. You need to go to the “view your active networks” section and here look for “Connections” and select the network that you are connected to.
  3. Once you click on your current network connection, it will take you to the Internet Connection Status window and here go to the “Properties”.
  4. Now another window will open up and here also you need to go straight to the “Networking tab”. In this tab, you will see a lot of different options and here, you need to select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option.
  5. Now the next and final step is to set the DNS. Here in this window, you need to select “use the following DNS server address” and here you need to type –

Once you are done typing this, select “validate settings upon exit” and then click “OK”. Now just restart your computer and you are all set!


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