LG Ultra Gear 17 (2021) Laptop Specifications, Price & Features


In a world full of technology and advanced electronic devices, LG is that one brand that has gained quite a prominent position. That was a thing of the past when we used to thing that LG is into big electronic devices only but it is doing wonders in smartphones and laptops as well. Here today we are talking about LG Ultra Gear 17 Laptop which is the latest one from the company.

LG launched this laptop in the previous month only and it is believed that this one is going to be the best that it has produced till date! It is another latest one from the Ultra Gear series by LG. It has been equipped with all the latest features which is going to give you the best ever experience.

LG Ultra Gear 17 Laptop (2021) Specifications

Here are some of the specifications of LG Ultra Gear 17 Laptop –

  1. Display – As we all know, display plays quite an important role in laptops. The user experience depends on the display of the device, to a very great extent. Here the dimensions of the laptop is 274.00 x 381.00 x 19.00 and along with this, there is a screen size of 17.00 inch which is quite standard. There is also a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.
  2. Processor – Here the developers have used Windows 10 operating system along with Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor which is extremely powerful.
  3. Memory – The performance of any laptop highly depends on the RAM size of the software used in the device. Here you will see that it comes with 8GB RAM and there are two different RAM slots. Along with this, there is also a storage of 512 GB.
  4. Graphics – As this one if the latest in the Ultra Gear series by LG, it has used dedicated graphics which is meant to provide you the best ever experience. Along with this, LG has used Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics processor in its all new LG Ultra Gear 17 laptop.
  5. Connectivity – Connectivity is another important thing in any device, be it a smartphone, laptop or any other. Better connectivity features will provide you the better wifi connectivity. Here you are getting 802.11 wifi support.
  6. Other Basic Features – Even though the list of features for this laptop by LG seems to be a never ending one but here are some more basic features which are meant to provide the best experience to the users, like –
  7. It comes with an excellent web camera which will help you to conduct or attend all those video conferences.
  8. It is having a touchpad which makes things a lot more convenient and quick for the users.
  9. There are two different speakers which will provide you a better voice input as compared to other laptops.
  10. There is also an internal mic which will help you with all that voice assistance.
  11. The developers have used backlit keyboard here which will help you to work properly even in the dark. You won’t face any kind of difficulty while typing.
  12. There are total four different USB ports on this laptop which makes multi tasking possible for you. Along with this, there is also one Thunderbolt 4 (Type C) slot.

This was all about the features of this laptop, now comes the price. As per the official sources, the laptop is priced around ₹1,25,000 due to which it comes in the luxury category.

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