PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India APK- What’s New in Update 2021


PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android

In the video gaming world, PUBG is that one game that has gained a really huge fan following, across the world. India is one of the countries in which millions of people have played PUBG and simply loved playing it. However, due to some circumstances, PUBG was banned in India and since then people have been searching for its alternative. Well, for all of them here is one news that Krafton is again coming up with PUBG Mobile India which will be known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Much details has not been revealed yet but there are several claims that it will be released anywhere between the second to fourth week of June 2021.

The players of PUBG Mobile are excited all over again in India for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Even though much details has not been revealed yet but Krafton has claimed that this time the players are going to have even a better experience than before. You will be having a completely amazing battle royale experience with Battlegrounds Mobile India. There will be tonnes of in-game events in which the players will get the chance to participate and along with this, there are a lot of other things as well which is meant to completely transform your experience of playing.

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PUBG India 2021 APK- What’s New

Here are some of the things that you can expect from PUBG Mobile India –

  • AAA Gaming Experience – Here the players are going to have that ultimate AAA gaming experience right on their mobile devices which is not going to disappoint them in any means.
  • In-Game Events – As claimed by Krafton, here you guys will get those in-game events that are meant to enhance the gaming experience to a very great extent. You will be taking part in these events and there are some really exciting rewards as well which the players will get after winning the event.
  • Different Tournaments – There will be a lot of different tournaments which are there to keep the players excited and enthusiastic throughout the game. You can take part in these tournaments while defeating your enemies. Your ultimate goal has to be to defeat all your enemies and win the tournaments as only then you will be able to move forward in the game.
  • Privacy and Data Security – This time, Krafton has worked really well when it comes to protecting the privacy of the players along with extensive data security. You need to worry about any of these while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India as they are the top priority. Here the data collection and security options offered by Krafton complies with the Indian laws and regulations.
  • Free-to-play – Just like the previous version that is PUBG Mobile India, this time also it is offered as a free-to-play game and the developers do not have to pay anything to either download or to play the game.

As all of you know that Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently under the development phase and is available for pre-register. The pre-registration started on May 18, 2021, and Krafton is offering really exciting rewards for all the players who pre-register for the game. The players can get the complete Reckon outfit, Recon mask, 300 AG and a limited title called Celebration Expert. Now, who won’t love to get these amazing rewards for just pre-registering?! So go pre-register yourself now for an ultimate gaming experience and wait for the final release of the game. The release date will be announced anytime soon so until then, stay updated with us.

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